Duplicate Denture

Duplicate Denture

Put your worries behind you and order COMFORTABLE DUPLICATE of your original denture today! You can wear it in case your original denture breaks. A lot of people even prefer our duplicate denture over the original. No visit to the dentist required. Duplicate denture is the exact copy of your origial denture - same size and same shape. You have the option to change the shade of the teeth. Duplicate denture is made of high quality and strength acrylic. For best result we recomend the original denture be professionally cleaned. Professional Denture Cleaning will remove most stain and tartar buildup on dentures. Original denture will be mailed back same day. Duplicate denture will be mailed within three business days.

NOTE: partial dentures containing metal clasps* can not be duplicated.

*Clasp - a metal or flexible arm that extends from removable partial denture. It helps to hold on to a partial tooth structure and thus provide anchorage for the denture.

The option from drop down menu must be selected in order to proceed. Or Print Denture Repair ORDER FORM. Fill out the order form and send it along with your broken denture using FREE SHIPPING LABEL.

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Price $299.00